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This is a page for the NAIST Deep Lunch, a study group on Deep Learning at the NAIST Information Science Department about Deep Learning and other related topics. It is held Thursday at lunchtime. If you are interested in joining, please contact Graham for more details.

NAIST Deep Lunchという、NAIST情報科学研究科の深層学習勉強会のサイトです。 勉強会は木曜日のお昼の時間に開かれます。興味があれば、グラムまでご連絡ください。

Upcoming Meetings / 今後の勉強会

Date Loc. Content Presenter
2015-2-12 (Thu.) L1 Non-linearity in Our Hierarchical World! Masashi Tsubaki
2015-2-26 (Thu.) L1 Deep Learning QA: How do I apply Deep Learning to my Problem? (No Presenter)
2015-3-12 (Thu.) L1 Efficient Training of Convolutional Neural Networks Masakazu Tanomoto

Paper Introduction Ideas / 紹介可能な論文

Previous Meetings / 今までの勉強会

Date Loc. Content Presenter
2015-1-29 (Thu.) L1 Hardware and Deep Learning Shinya Takamaeda-Yamazaki
2015-1-15 (Thu.) L1 Long Short-term Memory Yuichiro Sawai
2015-1-8 (Thu.) L1 Recurrent Neural Nets (English 日本語) Graham Neubig
2014-11-27 (Thu.) L1 Restricted Boltzmann Machines ([1] slides) Kevin Duh
2014-11-13 (Thu.) L1 Vocabulary for Deep Learning (English 日本語) Graham Neubig